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Nagoya Kanko Hotel

Nagoya Kanko History

Nagoya Kanko Hotel was established in 1936 with the aim to build "a world class hotel in Nagoya". Since then it has received many privileged guests as well as VIPs of various industries as the "guest palace of the Chubu area".
While preserving traditions as well as the status of the hotel, we have also constantly kept up with modern standards throughout our history.
The mission of Nagoya Kanko Hotel is to continue having guests spend a magnificently relaxing moment.

Mind of hospitality

The "trust" we receive from our guests is not something that can be earned easily, and therefore this is what Nagoya Kanko Hotel deeply treasures.
What we deliver to our guests are "a relaxing space and our sincerest hospitality".
As a hotel that helps to create important memories for our guests as well as a place for establishing international relationships, we promise to continue providing our high quality services.


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