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Environmental Policy


By offering time and space for relaxation and comfort, Nagoya Kanko Hotel has developed its reputation for excellence and gained the trust of its many guests who come from various parts of the world.

As an operating hotel, however, it is difficult for us to completely avoid impacting the environment since such
operations typically result in substantial waste emission and energy consumption.

We are nevertheless committed to the preservation and purification of the global environment, while endeavoring to
continue offering the high quality of services by which our customers have come to satisfy.

■Action Policy

ln an effort to maintain its high level of services while simultaneously carrying out its environmental philosophy, the hotel established an environmental management system which is carried out in accordance with the following internal policies.

1. Compliance with Environmental Laws and Rules

The hotel is committed to full compliance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, ordinances and rules, as well as other environmental-related requirements which are voluntarily carried out in its daily operations.

2. Pursuit of Reduction in Environmental-Load

We endeavor to obtain real environmental benefits through operational efficiency in the following areas.

  1. Promotion of Energy and Resource Conservation
  2. Promotion of Waste Reduction including of Raw Garbage and Recycling
  3. Promotion of Green Purchasing

3. Commitment to Continual Environmental Improvements

The hotel is continuously promoting additional ways to improve its environmental management system by identifying, establishing and achieving new environmental objectives and targets which are pursuant to the environmental policy, and by periodically reviewing such objectives and targets.

4. Familiarization and Communication of Environmental Policy

The hotel promotes environmental education and activities in general, and specifically conducts regular educational programs with its staff at all levels as to the hotel's environmental policy and the specific duties required of them in their respective operations to achieve the goals of such policy.

This Environmental Policy is available to the public.

June 14, 2019.
Nagoya Kanko Hotel Co., Ltd.
Koji Yamashita


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